Jason Anderson is a software developer and
designer with 16 years of full-stack experience.
He values thoughtful design, empathic user
experiences, and approaching problems with
curiosity and creativity.
Currently working as a software developer at Notion.
The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”
Mark Weiser


Profile Builder (Koji)

Profile Builder is a web-based app that I built for Koji, a startup. Given that this was to be used and shared on social media, the goal was to design and build a design tool that can be easily used by anyone. Some neat things about it:

  • Empty canvas to create multimedia files, which could be published on a separate web page
  • Intuitive design for the user’s accessibility and delight
  • Ability to quickly create and publish, in line with company’s goal of outreach and scale

Vending Machine (Utique)

As the lead engineer at Utique, a startup that built luxury vending machines, I had the opportunity to flex my full-stack as well as UX, UI, and creative skills. Here are a few things I did:

  • Built custom back-office systems: managing retail operations, inventory, purchases, customer data, shipment, and tracking
  • Set up payment systems (First Data, credit card processing)
  • Built the online store
  • Built reporting and monitoring system that tracks virtually the machine status and performance
  • And my personal favorite: I wrote software to connect with the LED lights in the machine display, and designed a light show that integrated with the UI

Debugger (Rippling)

Rippling’s engineering and support teams had been using an internal tool that was necessary but increasingly frustrating to use. It was essentially built with no thought or consideration for the user. I built a new version with the same features but with better UI and UX features, and that was significantly faster.

  • Previous loading time of 20 seconds vs new loading time of 1 second
  • I was able to cut back the loading time by reorganizing the accumulated mass of code and dividing it into subsystems.
  • Redesigned the UX to make the page more intuitive to use
  • Added a new feature that allows user to specify their request



I’ve always and will always love games. Here is a game that I built called Wing. I wanted this game to have a peaceful feel, of soaring freely without threat or enemies. To do this, I incorporated elements in the code to create as organic and seamless a gliding motion as possible, integrating factors for lift and inertia. Through the intentional and minimalist design, I wanted the player to enjoy the pure sensation and experience of flying.

3D art

My love for geometric art forms goes way back to when I was a kid making screensavers for fun. I love the integration of software, design, and art, and how you can simply get mesmerized following the natural sequence of these beautiful forms. It’s important for me to engage my creative side as I feel that art is a fundamentally human need. I’m a work in progress but here is a sampling of what I’ve experimented with.

Color grading

In my free time, I enjoy discovering and learning new art forms. I first learned about color grading through the Freelance Colorist Masterclass. I got pretty hooked on learning about color theory, how colors are manipulated in media and art, and the power of color. I learned how to use Davinci Resolve, and tinkered with some projects for the sake of exploration.


Hi! I'm Jason, a self-taught software developer and designer with a lifelong passion for creating innovative solutions that make a difference.

My coding journey began at the tender age of 7, armed with a curious mind and a stack of library books. From those early days of exploration to my professional career, I've always been driven by a love for problem-solving and a desire to craft software that positively impacts people's lives.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of companies, from manufacturing giants like Flextronics to innovative startups like Utique and GoMeta. I've led development teams, taken on cross-functional roles, and tackled a wide array of projects that have kept me engaged and constantly learning.

One of the most rewarding experiences has been running my own freelance and consulting company, Gears & Wires. Collaborating with clients ranging from small startups to industry leaders like Pepsi has allowed me to sharpen my skills and adapt to new challenges.

Today, as an AI product engineer at Notion, I'm thrilled to combine my passion for design and artificial intelligence to create cutting-edge solutions. I believe in the power of intuitive, thoughtful, and visually appealing user experiences, and I strive to infuse these qualities into every project I take on.

When I'm not immersed in code, you'll often find me exploring the world of 3D software, diving into design with Figma, or capturing life's moments through the lens of my Fuji X-T3.


If you’re interested in building something together, have a question, or simply would like to chat - feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.
[email protected]